Aluminum Line Products celebrates 50 years

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Processing Capabilities

Brake Press/Forming Lines

Custom and standard vee die brake press forming.
Custom and standard radius panels in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
Thickenss up to 0.125" and 120.0" long.
Minimum radius 2.0" and maximum radius 24.0".


CNC Processing

Processing aluminum, steel, and stainless steel sheet.
Up to 0.500" thick, 60.0" wide, and 500.0" long.
Tooling to: punch, countersink, notch, coin, off-set, knockout, louver, radius, shear, bead, and emboss.


Corrugated Lines

Corrugating aluminum sheet from 0.030" to 0.063" thick, from 36.0" to 60.0" wide, and up to 240.0" long.


Cut-to-Length Processing Lines

Three cut-to-length lines, two of which have integrated sheet punching capability.
Minimum sheet thickness: 0.012", Maximum sheet thickness: 0.250".
Maximum sheet width: 110.0", Maximum sheet length: 500.0".


Rolling Lines

Aluminum, aluminum thread plate, and stainless steel.
Up to 0.125" thick, and 120.0" long.
Minimum radius 2.0", and the maximum radius is 24.0".


Production Panel Punching Lines

Aluminum panels 0.032" to 0.060" thick,
up to 55.0" wide and up to 144.0" long.
On conventional 2.0" centers or staggered 2.0" -4.0" centers.




Complete shearing service on aluminum, steel, and stainless steel sheet up to 0.250" thick and 240.0" long.



Aluminum, steel and stainless steel up to 106.0" wide and 0.250" thick.



Press capability up to 100 tons.
Largest bed size is 36.0" x 36.0" coil fed, progressive die processing.